Ed Becker Honored



The 2015 Essex Heritage Hero Award Dinner will be held on May 7, 2015 at Danversport Yacht Club.

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It’s been a long winter.  While some of us have capitalized on all of this snow with cross-country skiing and snowshoeing others have been longing for sunny days and clear trails.  As temperatures rise and the mountains of snow begin to shrink, it’s tempting to hit the trails as soon as possible.  However, PLEASE remember that we are now entering the dreaded mud season.  With the slow melting of this immense snow pack, trails are going to be muddy for several weeks.  The footing is going to be terrible.  Most trails will be muddy and boggy.  Many areas will have standing water.


Pick your trails very carefully.  Try to find areas that have firm ground.  Look down – if you are leaving hoof prints or foot prints more than an inch deep, you should NOT be on that trail.  If you do come across a closed trail, please respect our landowner’s request.