What is BTA/BOLT, Inc.?

What does BTA/BOLT do?

What your support enables us to do

The Boxford Trails Association/Boxford Open Land Trust is a volunteer private, nonprofit, organization dedicated to preserving and protecting natural and aesthetically important land and wildlife habitat, including fields, forests, wetlands, and trails to preserve the nature of Boxford.


BTA/BOLT board members and volunteers monitor many land parcels and maintain the extensive Boxford trail system.  Tax deductible contributions and member dues support BTA/BOLT, Inc.


Founded in 1978, BTA (Boxford Trails Association) preserved and maintained trails for passive recreation.  In 1998, we changed our name to BTA/BOLT, Inc. (Boxford Trails Association/Boxford Open Land Trust).  In 2005, BTA/BOLT was among the first 39 land trusts to be accredited by the Land Trust Alliance (LTA).


Current Board Members


Natasha Grigg - President

Jessica Grigg - VP

Jennie Bridge- Secretary

Cathy Wallace - Treasurer


Members at Large:

 Alison Chase                                        Judy Gore                                                Dennis Pyburn

 Steve Davis                                          Jeff Hixon                                                Angela Steadman

 Chris Delaney                                      Bev Ingalls                                              Richard Tomczyk

 Bruce Eaton                                         Dave Ingalls                                            Priscilla Welch

                                                             Nancy Merrill


Coolidge 100-Acre Woods

BTA/BOLT, Inc., preserves trails and protects open space to permanently protect land, wildlife habitat, and trails by purchase, gift, easement, or conservation restriction (CR).


 We work with:

 • Local landowners

 • Boxford town officials and boards

 • Other land protection and conservation groups

 • State and federal government agencies


 We maintain trails and open space

 • Maintain and monitor all town trails

 • Clear new trails in a “natural” way

 • Manage, monitor, and steward our land to preserve and enhance its ecological and conservation value

 • Maintain Bay Circuit Trails through Boxford



We sponsor educational activities, hikes, nature presentations, and publications

 • Weekly hikes to explore local trails, reservations, and other trails throughout Essex County

 • Annual Horse Show

 • Equestrian Trail Rides

 • Nature and family hikes guided by wildlife experts

 • Wildlife and conservation lectures

 • BTA/BOLT, Inc. Newsletter The Acorn

 • Guide Books to trails and walks in Boxford

 • Boxford Trail Map

 • BTA/BOLT youth activities

Bev & Dave Ingalls leads a hike through Anvil Farm sharing their knowledge of plants, wildlife and the history of the area.

Your generous support enables us to preserve Boxford’s special places by helping to pay for:


 • Trail construction, maintenance and stewardship of trails and lands

 • Publications, newsletter, and Trail Guides

 • Educational and nature programs

 • Land acquisitions and Conservation Restrictions

 • Operational expenses (insurance, office costs, and printing)

 • Professional fees (legal, engineering, accounting and appraisal costs)


BTA/BOLT is a member of the:

Chadwick Mill is an easily accessed historic gristmill site on a stream. The mill site is adjacent to Anvil Farm where you will find fields, streams, ponds, vernal pools, vistas, a forest and a somewhat challenging trail. This site is maintained with the generous support of our members and donors. (Page 158 in the Boxford Trail Guide.)