Trail Updates

On this page, we list any trail-related issues of which we are currently aware. If you have any updates, please use our Report a Problem page.

The Bay Circuit Trail from Kelsey to Boren Lane is back to it’s original route now that the Lowe Pond Bridge is complete.

 There is a large area of water/ ice to cross in Lockwood near the Owen trail

 The bridge in Wildcat near the intersection of Wolf Pit and Long Marsh Trails (toward Stiles Pond) is not passable at this time.

 The Heron Rookery Trail has multiple trees down and is currently difficult to navigate.


The new bridge spanning Lowes Pond in Boxford is finished!

This was a long-needed upgrade on the Bay Circuit Trail between Georgetown-Rowley State Forest, Boxford Village, and Boxford State Forest.

Lowe Pond First Horse Passage   11_17_18.JPG

Our tremendous thanks to all the volunteers who helped to bring this to fruition. This is a beautiful bridge which will serve us all for years to come.

Hemlock Junction

The re-connection to the Rail Trail through Hemlock Junction and the Arboretum is open and well-marked. 

We now have a two picnic tables, our kiosk is in the works, and we have a new bike rack. Thank you so much to Dave from the Topsfield Bike Store.  Keep checking back, but feel free to pull in and enjoy.

Crooked Pond
Map 17a, Boxford Trail Guide

Entering from Middleton Rd/ gate: Marker #17 and BCT are accessible, further along (#16, 15, 14) are not.

If one takes the first left to circle around to the left side of Crooked Pond, once the trail nears pond, it is flooded – it may be possible to reroute to higher ground/ slightly inland around this spot.  At the next intersection, the trail to Wunnegen and 11W is accessible, but the trail following the pond shore is mostly underwater and impassable.

Fish Brook Trail
Map 13, Boxford Trail Guide

‘Stepping Stones’ across Fish Brook (trail from The Lane, off of Main St, to the Fish Brook Trail and on to Middleton Rd/ Townsend Farms Rd) are visible but very slippery.  Be very careful if you try to cross here.

Bay Circuit Trail – Campground Rd to Boren Lane
Map 3, Boxford Trail Guide

From B to B rail trail, remain on BtoB rail-trail, south east, to Pond St., .3 mi, turn right.  At Ipswich Rd. & Pond St. intersection, bear left continuing on Pond St to Depot Rd., .4 mi, bearing right around sweeping turn, follow Depot Rd. to Boren Lane, .2 mi, turn right to Chapman Ln., .2 mi, turn left onto BCT Chapman Ln.
From Boren Ln, remain on Boren Lane to Depot Rd., .2 mi, turn left to sweeping turn onto Pond St., .2 mi, to Ipswich Rd. & Pond St. intersection, .4 mi, bear right on Pond St. to BtoB rail-trail, turn left following rail-trail to Kelsey Rd. BCT.


Coolidge 100 Acre Woods, 42 Topsfield Road
Map 10, Boxford Trail Guide

The new owners of the Coolidge property are in the process of creating a sheep farm and cheese making center.  

Please follow trail markers.